Christmas 2022

Dear Ard Rí Community,

It has been a busy few months. Thanks for your support during Term 1. On behalf of all the team at Ard Rí CNS thank you for the very generous and thoughtful Christmas gifts and meal voucher. We had a lovely night out in the China Garden. School life is always so busy it was great to just chill out and catch up.

We have had super Christmassy fun for the past few weeks. Rang 5&6 kept us entertained with their beautiful Christmas play, ‘The Dog with a Limp’. The play was independently written, directed, designed and cast by the children themselves. We rate it 5 stars…bravo! There were poems, songs and shorts performed by other classes. We even had a visit from Santa this week. Pictures of these events can be found on our Twitter. Well done all on spreading Christmas cheer.

Our Christmas Cake Sale raised €631.40. Thank you to our Parent Association, our bakers and our volunteers on the day. These funds will go straight into our June Family Fun Day event. Well done.

We were delighted to host our Winter Show in the Ardboyne Hotel this year. The children from Ranganna Niamh, Laura, Ailis, Angela, Rachel and Wilma put on the greatest show. To help ensure we never forget those precious moments, our friends Victor and Luana recorded the performance and they are available below for your enjoyment.

There is so much sadness and stress in the world. I hope you can all take some time to press reset and spend quality time together. We look forward to welcoming you all back in the new year.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Ard Rí Poem and Junior Infants
Senior Infants
First and Second Classes

Dear parents,

The Winter Show is tomorrow! The kids have been practicing hard and have put together a performance that we are sure you will love. We can’t wait for you to see it.

Tomorrow is set to be a busy day and we are going to try to be as organised as possible to make it run smoothly. Here are a few things we are requesting from parents to help us with this:

• Time keeping – We will be letting the children from Junior Infants – 1st/2nd class in at 8.50am to get them ready. We will be walking down to the Ardboyne for rehearsal as close to 9am as possible. Please try to be punctual in the morning to ensure we can leave on time.
• Clothing – Children can wear festive clothing. It will be warm in the hotel so no layers please. They will also wear coats for the walk down to the Ardboyne. Please ensure your child’s clothing is labelled clearly.
• Snacks – We will be down there for rehearsal and the show will follow at 11am. The children will be asked to bring one or two snacks with them in their pocket. Please ensure that they have a snack suitable to bring, preferably something in a wrapper/clingfilm/tinfoil that can be binned i.e. no small lunchboxes that could be left behind down there!
• The audience – Our singers will be practicing on stage before the show. The hotel will be tight on space. Please do not come to the Ardboyne before 10:45am.

After the show – For safety reasons, all children must return to the school after the show. Children may remain at the school for the rest of the school day. If you would like to collect your child after the show you must pick them up from their classroom door.

Many thanks for your co-operation!

We are busy practicing for our Winter Show, which will take place on Tuesday 13th December at 11am in the Boyne Suite of the Ardboyne Hotel. In previous years all classes performed at the show. However, the school is much too big for this now. Going forward, our Junior and Senior Infants will perform in the show. For this year only we are including our First Classes, as they have never performed on the Winter Show stage. We also invite the 2nd Class children in Múinteoir Wilma’s multi-grade class to join their friends on stage. Classes performing in the show are: Ranganna Niamh, Laura, Ailis, Angela, Rachel and Wilma.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow brothers and sisters from other classes to go to the show as there would not be space in the hall. Children from all classes can wear Christmas jumpers on Tuesday and we will have nice activities for them to enjoy. We will hold a Winter Concert at the school later in the week. Siblings will get to see the show then.

There will be a Parent Association Cake Sale in the Rugby Club on Tuesday morning from 9-11am. Please support this. Our singers will be practicing on stage before the show. Do not come to the Ardboyne before 10:45am.

The show will begin at 11am. All performers and guests can wear Christmas jumpers and hats, antlers etc. It will be warm in the hall so no layers please. There will be three acts (Juniors, Seniors then Firsts) and then all classes will return to stage for an encore. We encourage the audience to get involved, so sing and clap along. I also encourage you to enjoy the special moment. Be present. If you do take photos they are for your family archive only, do not share on social media.

To ensure safety, all children must return to their own classroom with their teacher straight after the show. Children may remain at the school for the rest of the school day. If you would like to collect your child after the show you must pick them up from their classroom door.

Happy Christmas to all members of the Ard Rí Community.