Pupil Insurance

All LMETB Schools have 24hr Student Cover in place through Irish Public Bodies Insurance (IPB) under the Policy IPA0000355.

Our Insurer, IPB have issued a Personal Accident Student Information & Guidance Pack for LMETB schools which will make the process of enquiring and applying for student medical expenses reimbursement more efficient and streamlined.

Attached are 3 IPB Documents

  1. IPB- ETB Personal Accident Brochure – This Brochure can be made available to Parents/Guardians by the school and gives information on the Policy cover and how to make a medical expenses claim relating an incident. (Who’s covered, what’s covered and who to contact.)
  1. Student Personal Accident Claims Form – This form must accompany any claim made by a parent/guardian to [email protected]  It has been pre-populated to include the details of LMETB as the Policy Holder and includes the Policy No IPA0000355 for ease of completion. Forms can be completed by either the Parent/Guardian or by the School. N.B: There is no requirement for the forms to be signed by the Principal however, IPB request that the form is stamped by the School as way of confirming to IPB Claims Dept., that the Student named on the claim form is a registered student at the LMETB school.
  1. IPB Student Claims Process – This document outlines the steps to making a Personal Accident Student Medical Expenses Claim.  IPB will liaise directly with the parent/guardian making the claim.

IPB Student PA Claims process_Jan 2023