Draft School Policies

Dear Parents,

Home School Links are very important at Ard Rí Community NS.

A draft policy travels through staff, parents and Board of Management consultation. Once ratified by the school Board of Management, the policy then makes its way to the Louth Meath Education and Training Board (LMETB) for approval. At that point the policy goes live.

Our first Board of Management Meeting of academic year 23/24 is coming up. We will ratify our most important policies: Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment, Anti-Bullying Policy and our Critical Incident Management Plan.

Child Safeguarding Statement & Risk Assessment Ard Rí CNS September 2023- DRAFT

Anti Bullying Policy- Ard Rí CNS- October 2023- DRAFT

Critical Incident Management Plan- Ard Rí CNS- October 2023- DRAFT

Please take some time to review these policies. If you would like to suggest a change you can email your suggestion to [email protected] or give me a call on 0871341007 to discuss:

To view all our current policies visit the Current School Policy tab on this website (click here).

Regards and thanks,