Draft School Policies

Dear Parents,

Home School Links are very important at Ard Rí Community NS.

We have developed a Draft Acceptable Use Policy. We hope you find it informative. It is an important one as children have access to internet on personal devices and we are using Seesaw for homework. You can view the draft policy here: AUP November 2020 Consultation DRAFT

The following statement in relation to personal electronic devices is important to note: Pupils are not allowed to bring personal and internet-enabled devices into Ard Rí CNS, including but not limited to; phones, smart phone, smart watches, devices with cameras or gaming functions, iPod, tablet, laptop, leap frog etc. except when required for medical purposes.

We have always known that in previous years some children in senior classes had their mobile phones in school. There had been an unwritten rule that the children kept their phones switched off in their bags while on school property. Some children travel to school independently and parents enjoyed the comfort that their children can contact them on route home etc. We appreciate the peace of mind this affords parents. There have however been incidents involving children recording videos and taking photographs while at school. There have been incidents of children sharing this footage on social media. The reality is that once uploaded these images are impossible to take down. It is because of this risk-taking we have made this decision. We have iPads in school which we can monitor and control and we can facilitate contact between school and home through the school number 087 1341007.

Please review the policy and if you spot something we have missed or if you would like to suggest a change please email us on [email protected] before Friday 04.12.2020.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during previous consultation.  You can view our Current School Policies here.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,