Class Teachers 2021-22

You do your best and let your teacher do the rest!! 

At Ard Rí Community National School our teachers work using the most up-to-date and innovative teaching practices in order to provide high quality teaching and learning and ultimately- ‘Excellence in Education’ (Cornerstone of Community National School ethos). 

In our school we have lots of different types of classes. We have single grade classes and some multi-grade classes: where children from two different grades learn together. No two classes are the same and every member of the team at our school work together to meet the needs of our pupils. 

Click on the link to read a message from your new class teacher. 

Class  Teacher 21/22  Link 
Junior Infants

Karen Dunne 

Múinteoir Karen ’21
Junior Infants  Eimear Maguire  Múinteoir Eimear ’21
Senior Infants 

(Previously Rang Sarah) 

Sarah Anderson  Múinteoir Sarah ’21
Senior Infants/ First Class 

(Previously Rang Karen Dunne)

Angela Melia  Múinteoir Angela ’21
First Class 

(Previously Rang Karen Dillon) 

Eoghan Monaghan Múinteoir Eoghan ’21
Second Class 

(Previously Rang Sabrina) 

Nicola Clarkin  Múinteoir Nicola ’21
Third Class 

(Previously Rang Eimear) 

Cailín McDonagh  Múinteoir Cailín ’21
Third Class 

(Previously Rang Cailín) 

Ruth Scannell  Múinteoir Ruth ’21
Fourth Class 

(Previously Rang Catherine & Edel) 

Jack Scannell  Múinteoir Jack ’21
Fifth/ Sixth 

(Previously Rang Sarah) 

Niamh Donnachie  Múinteoir Niamh ’21

(Previously Rang Niamh) 

Patrick Leahy  Múinteoir Patrick ’21