Goodness Me, Goodness You!

The GMGY Curriculum makes and important contribution in enabling each child to live their life to the full while exploring their identity and their place in the world. GMGY enables children to be active citizens in their local and global community and to think critically and imaginatively about the world around them, to share their beliefs and values, and to encounter the beliefs and values others in a learning environment of enquiry and respect. Through this sharing of experience, the child is enabled to live their life in an atmosphere of respect for and appreciation of diversity.

GMGY recognises parents as the primary educators of their child. It supports this role through encouraging the creation of a respectful and inclusive learning community where children’s beliefs and values are respected and where parental participation is encouraged and valued.


In our 2016 WSE 99% of parents said they feel welcome in our school


Goodness Me Goodness You