Here is what our parents say about us:


“Ard Rí CNS is a wonderful introduction to education. It is warm, inviting and inclusive along with having teachers who are great at their jobs.”  Joanne Cleary-Holdforth


“Sending Seán to Ard Rí was the best thing we ever did. It’s a great school.” Angela Manning


“Since starting Ard Rí, my son has come on both socially and academically, the school has created a very warm environment and all the staff are very approachable. He loves going to school each day.” Karen Broe


“Ard Rí CNS provides the best environment for our kids to learn and develop in. The amazing community spirit make this a happy place for both parents and pupils alike.” Karla O’Neill


I never thought I would see my daughter  so full of confidence and so happy going to school every day – but Ard Rí has given that to her. We couldn’t be happier.Naomi O’Reilly