Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal- November 2021

Together with the Parent Association we are delighted to support the Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal- 2021. Team Hope work in communities in 14 countries across Africa and Eastern Europe. They work to empower communities and help children. This week and next we will have lessons and activities to show our pupils where the shoeboxes will go and what the shoeboxes will mean to children who receive them. You can learn more about Team Hope by visiting their website: 

There will be no pressure to donate a shoebox. We do not expect a shoebox from every child. One box per family will be more than enough. Friends and cousins can work together to fill one box. We can move the boxes from room to room so siblings can feel involved.

How to fill a shoebox:

  1. Wrap your regular sized shoebox in snazzy Christmas wrapping paper. Please wrap the box and lid separately so we can easily open it up.
  2. Decide who your gift is for, a girl or boy aged between 2 – 14. (We will provide labels to stick to the boxes)
  3. Fill your box with lovely gifts (small items) using the 4 Ws. Something to Write, Wash, Wear and Wow
  4. Don’t forget to add €4 to help Team Hope get your box to a child. You can donate online (Link here) or include cash in an envelope. You can place the cash envelope on top of your gifts inside the box.
  5. Hold the box together with a large elastic band. Please don’t seal it with tape as Team Hope have to check each box for custom purposes. Get your boxes to us by November 12th and our Parent Association will drop them all to the Navan Depot (CYWS Hall on the Fair Green).

Throwback to Ard Rí CNS Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Campaign- 2019