Strictly Come Dancing @Ard Rí CNS

It all got a little bit crazy today as a bad case of ballroom fever spread rapidly through the population of Ard Rí CNS. The school staff and some boys and girls put on our very own production of Strictly Come Dancing. It all started off as a bit of a joke a few weeks ago but the crew really embraced it and rehearsed hard to put on a show we will never forget. There was definitely a Glastonbury vibe to it all as the whole school stood out in the rain to watch their teachers, SNAs, Anna and Ewa perform classics like Ghostbusters, Baby Shark, My Lovely Horse and the one and only Elvis Presley even made an appearance. The show couldn’t have happened without our presenters (especially Jennifer Zamparelli), security staff, producers, judges and adjudicators. They had a tough job and after some performers were disqualified for bribery and match-fixing, Jack and Ewa were declared very worthy winners for their tear-jerking rendition of Leaving on a Jet Plane. Bravo!

I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who took part and especially to our fabulous audience. We had too much fun!

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Have a lovely weekend everyone.