Class Allocation 24/25

June 2024

Staffing arrangements for academic year 24/25 were announced to schools in Circular Letter 0011/2024. Our current predicted enrolment for next academic year is 365 pupils. We have provisionally been allocated our 15th classroom teacher. Expanding the school and achieving the threshold for the next teacher is crucial for maintaining good pupil teacher ratio. We need to achieve greater than 359 pupils to avoid children learning in multi-grade classes. Plans are underway to have a new classroom prepared for September.

Growth on this scale means we are constantly recruiting new teaching staff. Recruitment is not yet complete. Interviews for new teachers will take place right through the summer months.

Today, where possible, we will introduce the children to their new teacher and let them spend some time in their new classroom. Please refer to the table below to see the name of your child’s class teacher for next year.

Everyone must understand recruitment and contracts is a complex process and unavoidable changes may well happen over the summer months. There is no 100% guarantee the teacher allocated in June will not change over the summer.

We do our best to prepare the children for milestones and transitions. Change is not easy, but it is an inevitable part of life. This time of year we celebrate all we have achieved and look forward with excitement and positivity to the challenges next year will bring.


(Múinteoir is the Irish word for Teacher)

This year 23/24Next year 24/25
Incoming PupilsMúinteoir Niamh Junior Infants  
Incoming PupilsNew Múinteoir Junior Infants  
Múinteoir Niamh Junior Infants  Múinteoir Gráinne Senior Infants  
Múinteoir Rachel Junior Infants  Múinteoir Ruth Senior Infants  
Múinteoir Angela Senior Infants  Múinteoir Ailis 1st Class  
Múinteoir Laura Senior Infants  New Múinteoir 1st Class  
Múinteoir Wilma 1st ClassMúinteoir Laura 2nd Class  
Múinteoir Gráinne 1st ClassNew Múinteoir 2nd Class  
Múinteoir Ailis 2nd Class  New Múinteoir 3rd Class  
Múinteoir Ruth 2nd Class  Múinteoir Maria+Edel 3rd Class
Múinteoir Maria+Edel 3rd ClassMúinteoir Sarah 4th Class  
Múinteoir Jack 3rd Class  Múinteoir Angela 4th Class  
Múinteoir Sarah 4th ClassMúinteoir Claire 5th Class  
Múinteoir Claire 5th Class  Múinteoir Wilma 6th Class
Múinteoir Catherine 5th ClassMúinteoir Cailín 6th Class