Staffing Arrangements 23/24

August 2023

I am very sad to announce our Deputy Principal, Emer will not be returning to teach at Ard Rí CNS. Emer and her family have made the decision to return to her native Carlow. Emer will be greatly missed by the whole team here at Ard Rí. Since joining the school in 2014, Emer has made a huge contribution to the development of the CNS ethos, not only at Ard Rí but right across the model as she worked on the national GMGY co-ordinator group. Emer has put all her passion and energy into Special Education Teaching at Ard Rí and will leave a lasting legacy of best practice for assessment, teaching and learning right across the school. Emer was always great fun to work with. We all wish her and her family the very best of luck in her career and life in Carlow.

Teacher recruitment is still on-going at Ard Rí. Please have a look at the updated table and changes to teacher allocation below:

  • Múinteoir Laura will be teaching in Senior Infants
  • Múinteoir Claire will be teaching in 5th Class
  • Múinteoir Sarah will be teaching in 4th Class
  • Múinteoir Cailín will be teaching in 6th Class
  • Múinteoir Catherine Duplaa will join the Special Ed team
Year 22/23Year 23/24Notes
Incoming pupilsNiamh Donnachie Junior Infants
Incoming pupilsRachel Junior Infants
Niamh Junior InfantsLaura Senior InfantsNo change in cohort
Laura Junior InfantsAngela Senior InfantsNo change in cohort
Angela Senior InfantsWilma 1st Class No change in cohort
Ailis Senior InfantsGráinne 1st ClassNo change in cohort
Rachel 1st ClassRuth 2nd ClassNo change in cohort
Wilma 1st/2nd ClassEdel & Maria 2nd/3rd Class No change in cohort
Ruth 2nd ClassJack 3rd ClassNo change in cohort
Lucy 3rd ClassSarah 4th ClassNo change in cohort
Niamh/Gráinne 4th ClassClaire 5th ClassChildren will revert to their 3rd Class cohort
Niamh/Gráinne 4th ClassNiamh Hogan 5th ClassChildren will revert to their 3rd Class cohort
Gráinne/Claire 5th ClassCailín 6th ClassChildren will revert to their 4th Class cohort

We are all looking forward to welcoming you back to school on Wednesday morning.

Have a lovely weekend,


June 2023

Staffing arrangements for academic year 23/24 were announced to schools in Circular Letter 0006/2023. Our current predicted enrolment for next academic year is 325 pupils. We have been allocated our 13th classroom teacher. Works are underway to have a new classroom prepared for September.

Expanding the school and achieving the threshold for the next teacher is crucial for maintaining good pupil teacher ratio. With 13 teachers, most classes will proceed to the next grade unchanged. We no longer have children learning in multi-grade classes at the senior end. Children going into 5th and 6th will revert to the cohort of classmates they were in before splitting up this year.

Recruitment is not yet complete, however where it was possible, we have introduced the children to their new teacher and let them spend some time in their new classroom. Please refer to the table below to see the name of your child’s class teacher for next year.

Recruitment for 23/24 is not yet complete- *THIS PLAN COULD CHANGE*

Change is not easy, but it is an inevitable part of life. This time of year we celebrate all we have achieved and look forward with excitement and positivity to the challenges next year will bring.