Smashing Pumpkins Festival 2022

From very humble beginnings our, now annual, Family Pumpkin Carving Competition has grown and grown into an extravaganza of imagination and creativity. With no homework yesterday evening, to allow time to prepare, there was a steady stream of Ard Rí families in search of the perfect pumpkin at SuperValu. Every year mums and dads swear not to leave the project until the night before…maybe next year they will be more organised…maybe not! Some families have been researching and planning the project for weeks others are more spontaneous in their design, they work best under pressure. Many families worked late into the night!

From early morning the fruits of their labor began streaming in the gates. Some chose the traditional carving route while others add paint, props, lights and all the extras. Some designs are horrifying while others have the cute factor. Pokemon and Minions were very popular this bumper year. Ghosts, spiders, buzzy bees, Star Wars, witches, cats, werewolves, popcorn, skeletons, Minecraft, bats and ninjas the lists of themes and categories is endless. 145 pumpkins in all!

A huge thank you to everyone for taking part. The children get such pride and fun from their fabulous creations. Well done to everyone and all the team at Ard Rí CNS wish you a safe and fun Halloween.