School Reports- June ’23

Dear Parents & Guardians,

School Reports will launch on Aladdin early this afternoon. If you need support to access the report just let us know.

Your child’s report is a broad account of their progress during the school year. The report is written by your child’s class teacher and where relevant your child’s Special Ed teacher. It will take account of your child as a learner, their social and personal development and their progress in the curriculum. The report will take account of your child’s strengths and achievements, areas for development and will offer some suggestions how to further support your child’s learning. You can find more ideas on how to support your child’s learning on the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) website (click here)

From First Class and up you will see your child’s Standardised Test results. Standardised tests in English reading and maths measure your child’s achievement compared to other children in the same class across all schools in Ireland. Standardised Tests only take a snapshot of your child’s performance on one day. They are an indicator. Teachers are constantly assessing children both formally and informally. Teachers use a broad range of evidence when completing the report. NCCA have more information on how to interpret your child’s Standardised test score (click here)

Pupil Voice is recorded in the report under ‘My learning in school’. It is a lovely opportunity to capture the child’s reflections on the year at school and often what their targets are going forward.

Please review the report. If you spot a mistake or want to give any feedback email the office at [email protected]. If you would like the report translated please let us know. After you review the report online you may request a printed version by emailing the office.

I would like to thank teachers for the hard work they do in writing a comprehensive report for every pupil in their class.

Yours sincerely,