Photography Challenge

Good afternoon everybody,

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather. It is hard to believe we are coming up to the June Bank Holiday Weekend. School will be closed on Friday 29th May, Monday 1st, Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd of June. Logging on to Seesaw every day can be tiring and I hope all the boys and girls enjoy the time off.

I would like to remind children that life as we know it now during COVID won’t be forever. We can see from Seesaw that everyone is making the most out of every day. Families are baking together, making clothes for their dolls, exercising together, embracing technology, meeting up with friends and relations on Zoom, reading more than ever, keeping journals, dressing-up, having picnics. You are making the most out of every day we are apart. Tomorrow teachers will be assigning a photography challenge to all classes. You can submit your entry on Seesaw on Thursday 4th of June. The theme of the challenge is ‘Gratitude’. I encourage you all to pause for a few minutes and reflect on the things you are grateful for in this challenging time. Take a photograph to represent this and you can write or submit a voice message explaining your photo. Teachers will share these photographs on Seesaw on Fab Friday- 5th of June.

Here is my entry to get the creative juices flowing…


At a time when so many people were sick I am most grateful for my health. I enjoy active time with my family. This picture was taken at the Ramparts in Navan, a path along the River Boyne. Luckily this area is within 2km of my home. I love to visit the Ramparts a few times per week to go running or go on adventures with my family. My boys got a huge surprise to see a massive beech tree had fallen over the path after a very windy night. Luckily we were able to get past. I suppose the beech tree is also a symbol of overcoming the challenges we face every day on the path of life. 

This is not a competition so the reward is in the process and sharing. Enjoy!