Phased Reopening of School- 15th March 2021


Schools have received confirmation that the reopening of classes 3rd to 6th can proceed as planned on Monday March 15th. We are confident we have all the required infection prevention and control measures in place. The Department of Health and the HSE have reaffirmed if we rigorously follow these measures we can keep the school community safe from COVID.


Schools are also asked to remind parents and pupils not to congregate in school grounds/at school gates. Remember; stand well back take your time and wear a mask at drop off and pick up.


Moving from Remote Teaching to the classroom requires a lot of planning. In order to give teachers time to plan, prepare and organise their rooms teachers in these classes will not be correcting or giving feedback on pupil work on Thursday and Friday of this week. Teachers will correct completed work and offer feedback when we return to in-class teaching.


On a very practical note please do not panic about uniforms not fitting etc. We know clothes shops are closed. Just do your best. To know your child’s tracksuit days click here


Please watch this short video which will tell you everything you need to know…


Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form

This form is to be used when children are returning to Ard Rí CNS after any absence.

I hope you are looking forward to coming back to school. We are all so excited to see you. Please don’t be worried if you feel you have fallen behind because you have all come so far. If you are dedicated to doing your best every day, after a little while it will feel like you were never even away.