Tracksuit Days!!!

Good morning everyone,

We are delighted to be back up and running! It will take a little bit of time for new routines to embed themselves in every day life but so far the measures we have put in place seem to be working well. We are reviewing the choreography in the car park and we will be in touch with you next week with any changes we will be making there.

We will make sure children are outside as much as possible so send a coat every day and pupils from Junior Infants to First Class should have a pair of wellies in school.

Tracksuit days are as follows:


Day 1

Day 2
Tara Wednesday Friday
Karen Tuesday Wednesday
Naomi Tuesday Thursday
Maria Wednesday Friday
Edel & Catherine Tuesday Friday
Cailín Monday Thursday
Rachel Monday Thursday
Sarah Monday Wednesday
Niamh Monday Friday
Jack Tuesday Thursday

As explained in our Covid Response Plan: there are no recommendations in the public health advice to suggest an increased risk in wearing uniforms. The Department has not issued any guidance on the wearing of school uniforms in a COVID-19 environment. Normal washing and hygiene arrangements should apply to uniforms. We will review this advice if guidelines change.