Meath River Rescue visit Ard Rí Community NS

The children at Ard Rí Community National School were delighted to welcome Peter Boland and Claire Whyte on Wednesday 11.05.2017. ‘This month the boys and girls are all learning about water safety in class so it was great to have the guys from Meath River Rescue in to really bring it to life for them’ said Junior Infant teacher Maria Bradley O’Connor. The children were fascinated with the rib Peter brought down. ‘My favourite part of the job is coming to schools and teaching the children about river safety’ said Peter who is a diver with the voluntary organisation, ‘I hope that from this they will be more careful around water and in years to come they might even get involved with the Rescue Team’  Everyone at Ard Rí Community National School would like to thank Peter and Claire for giving up their time to teach the children about this very special community service.