Holi 2017 at Ard Rí Community National School


We laughed, shared food and celebrated our diversity together…

On Friday 24.03.2017 the Ard Rí CNS community came together to celebrate the Hindu Holi Festival. Every year the community holds a different cultural celebration.The staff worked in partnership with the Indian families whose children attend the school and the most important aspects of Hinduism and Indian life were decided upon to teach the children. During the week the children learned about India in class through story, poems, research projects and the preparation of displays. On Thursday each class enjoyed yoga workshops.









On Friday the Parent Association and Indian families provided Indian food and we were joined by our guest of honor Swami Purnananda. The whole community came together and Swami Purnananda spoke about the value of a life, how each day is important and how special each individual life is. Children then took part in the Colour Ceremony and we spread coloured powder to celebrate the coming of spring and the friendship and love that we share together.