Attention, Parents of children in 2nd & 3rd Class

November ’24

Dear parents,

I would like to update you on our progress, re-arranging the 2nd and 3rd Classes.

A partition wall has been built and electrics are installed. We are waiting for final-fix carpentry and paint. Furniture is being delivered in the next few days. It will be a lovely room. Most importantly, we are delighted Múinteoir Ailis has been appointed to teach the class. Ailis has been working with the children in 2nd and 3rd Class for the last few weeks. The children will know her well. We will open the new learning space as soon as it is ready.

We have reviewed your feedback, the feedback of class teachers and the special education team. We have come up with a plan to make minimum impact and have greatest benefit to the children. Here is an outline of the next steps:

  • Maria and Edel’s 2nd & 3rd multi-grade class will be divided
  • Maria and Edel will teach their current 3rd Class plus 8 children who will move from Jack’s class
  • Ailis will teach in the new room. Ailis will teach the children currently in Maria and Edel’s 2nd Class plus 8 children who will move from Ruth’s 2nd class

Tomorrow, I will call the parents of the 16 children who will be moving class. We will announce next steps to the children and bring them together in their new cohort. Some children will be happy and excited about the move and some children will be anxious and sad. These are all natural reactions to change. We know the change is for the greater good and we must work hard to support the children through.

I will keep you updated as we go.

Kindest regards,

Darragh Roe (Principal)

October ’23

Dear parents,

Ard Rí CNS is growing from strength to strength. We now have 336 pupils learning at the school. This number is greater than we had predicted. The staffing arrangements at primary level for the 2023/2024 school year are outlined in Department of Education Circular 0006/2023 . Bottom line- we have been granted an additional, 14th class teacher.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us to further support teaching and learning at the school. The In-School Management Team have decided to focus this additional support on 2nd and 3rd Class. At the moment, these children learn in 3 rooms: 2nd Class, 2nd/3rd Class multi-grade and 3rd Class. We aspire to change this arrangement to children learning across 4 rooms: 2nd Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class and 3rd Class. This will bring the class sizes from 29 (average) down to 22 (average) and, for the moment*, Rang Maria & Edel will learn in single grade.

*We cannot guarantee any changes we make will be permanent. We will have to secure a 15th teacher in September 2024 to maintain this arrangement. With 140 days of school still to go, we feel the potential benefits to the children for the remainder of this school year outweigh the cost of having to revert next year.

We are working on a timeframe for this change. We have been very lucky to secure Múinteoir Áilis to teach the additional class. Áilis will join the teaching team after Halloween. We have begun to prepare a learning space- we are working with a contractor to erect a partition in the hall and furniture has been ordered. Works will not be complete for after Halloween but we hope it will not be too much longer. Áilis will partner-teach with the 2nd and 3rd Class teachers until we are ready to make the move. We will update you on this process as we go.

We know, too well, children and parents will have social concerns about this move. We have prepared a survey for you to complete; list your child’s friends and provide us with any feedback or inquiries you might have. We will take this feedback into account when we are reconfiguring the groups. We will make the minimum changes possible and use the opportunity to improve dynamics wherever possible. Children will still see each other all the time- they will come together regularly and for yard, tours etc. We may hold a meeting for parents after Halloween to update you and address any concerns you might have.
2nd and 3rd Class Questionnaire

We are determined to ensure this opportunity will have a very positive impact on your child’s education at Ard Rí CNS.

Kindest regards,

Darragh Roe (Principal)