Welcome to the Parent Teacher Association section

At Ard Rí we see the parent as the primary educator of the child. We accept fully that you know your child better than anybody else. With this in mind we strive to keep strong channels of communication between the school and the home. We open our doors to parents. If you have a question or a concern Mr Roe will be on the yard every morning before school starts. Our teachers are extremely approachable, feel free to chat to them in the morning, at home time or if the issue is a sensitive one or will require a bit of time to discuss you can meet with staff by appointment by calling the office on 087-1341007.

For any families who are interested in enrolling their child in our school, please visit our Enrolment section and take some time to read the document on preparing your child for school.

Our Parents Association meet once a month and work together with the school, staff and parents for the best possible educational experience for our children. For more information please visit the Parents Association section on this website.

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