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The first Community National School (CNS) was established in 2008. These schools are multi-denominational state schools under the patronage of the Education and Training Boards (ETBs). The schools strive to provide high quality primary education for every child in line with the principles of the Primary School Curriculum (DES 1999) The establishment of the Community NAtional School model was part of the Irish state’s response to an increasing demand for diversity of school choice in the education system. The model recognises, respects and celebrates the identity of all children equally. Community National Schools aim to promote a holistic approach to education, developing all aspects of the child – intellectually, physically, culturally, morally and spiritually. Children are encouraged and supported in living their lives to the full through their interactions with their family, their community and their school.

“Pastoral care provision is of a good quality. The school promotes an inclusive culture and embraces diversity. Almost all pupils like the school” (WSE Report- May 2016)

It is the policy of the CNS model to respect, celebrate and recognise diversity in all areas of human life. The school endeavour to encourage children to have pride in what makes them different and a belief that difference, when respected and valued, gives strength and vibrancy to the school community and the wider community which they live. The Community National School model has four cornerstones which underpin the characteristic spirit of Community National Schools.


In our 2016 WSE 94.9% of parents said their child feels safe and well looked after in the school

Each day we strive to provide children with learning experiences which will help them develop to their potential not only as academics but as citizens. We work hard to ensure the children get a broad range of positive experiences which will equip them with the skills they will require to fit in and be confident in the role they play in the big bad world!!! We want every day to be the bestest day!!! This video shows the learning experiences the children enjoyed during a week in March 2017.