Past Events

We are all a TEAM!


This year we were involved in so many wonderful events! These included:

  • Meals on Wheels – we all came together to bring some much needed and hugely appreciated food hampers to the community.
  • Buddy Bench – We worked with Mens Sheds Navan to bring 2 fabulous Buddy Benches into our school yard and along with Buddy Bench Ireland brought in the programme that is a child-led positive mental health programme that enables children to foster friendships and eliminates lonliness in the yard. This programme tied in so well with the school ethos of kindness and acceptance of each other. There is a different programme structure for each class level. To learn more about this wonderful program click here
  • Tesco Blue Tokens – We were delighted to be included in the Tesco Community Fund
  • Carol Singing – All children donned their santa hats and christmas jumpers and entertained the shoppers in Navan Shopping Centre. All monies raised were put towards the Buddy Bench program.
  • Clothing Collections – we joined with National Council for the Blind to recycle clothing that will go into their charity stores or onto textile recycling.
  • People in our Community – We worked with the public services in our community that help and support us. The month of May saw visits from An Garda Siochana, Fire Brigade and Meath River Rescue who each taught us about how to stay safe in our community.
  • We ran a lot of information courses in conjunction with the National Parents Council
  • Culture Celebration – This year we celebrated Holi, which is a Hindu spring celebration of colour. Our Hindu parents worked with the staff to bring us their culture, we tasted food, learned about their faith and enjoyed yoga classes.
  • We were delighted to assist in the development of the school promotional video (on the home page) that highlights the best our school community has to offer.

school-singinghampers Holi 2017 Meath River Rescue


We had such a big year this year.

  • Our first ever Teacher Appreciation day, saw parents work together to prepare a fabulous lunch with some cake for afters. We pooled together as a community to say thank you with some gifts also. The teachers were really surprised and very thankful.
  • Our first Ard Rí Art Gallery – our fundraiser this year was an Art Gallery evening, where each child painted a picture and framed it. The superb artwork was hung on the walls of the school for viewing and purchasing. We also unveiled the Whole School Art project that is now proudly hung in the hallway. It was a spectacular evening.
  • We had our annual cake sale and raffle for the Winter Show extravaganza that was Shrek – Ard Rí style. There’s no winter show like an Ard Rí winter show
  • Our Culture celebration day of Africa saw a day of wonderful colour, food tastes, language display and a fashion show of style.
  • We had our family fun event which brought us all together at the end of summer to celebrate another wonderful year.
  • We had our Book Fair, where every student had the opportunity to browse the shelves for a book to buy. It was a great success.
  • We ran a lot of training classes with the NPC

African Celebration Day Whole School Art Project 2015 Teacher Appreciation Day

Book Fair

Book Fair