Green Schools Flag

Green Schools 2018/2019

We are in our second year of working towards our first Green Flag. This flag is for Litter and Waste.

Here are our very dedicated Green Schools Committee members who are doing great work around the school.

In November 2019 the Ard Rí CNS Green Schools Committee met and finalised Ard Rí CNS’ Green Code.  They found very hard to pick from all the entries. In fact the slogans and mottos were so good that the Green Schools Committee couldn’t pick just one. Having looked at the entries, the Green Schools Committee really liked two in particular. They combined parts of both entries and made the code which reads ‘do not litter because that is bitter, keep it clean to keep it green’.

Well done to all the children who entered our recent Green Schools Poster competition. Congratulations to the seven winning posters below.


Every Friday at our whole school assembly Máistir Darragh awards the tidiest classroom with the ‘smile’ mat. Here are some of the previous winners!

As part of the Green Schools Flag Award, we’ve completed an action plan. So far we have achieved four of our seven overall goals. These goals were:

  • 20% increase in the amount of recyclables that are recycled in the school
  • 80% reduction in food waste going to landfill
  • To reduce amount of unnecessary waste going into the municipal waste bin
  • To raise levels of awareness about litter and waste amongst staff, students and parents

We are still working on achieving:

  • Reducing the quantity of material put into municipal waste which can be recycled / alternatively disposed of
  • Reducing amount of food waste being generated in school
  • Reducing the amount of single use waste i.e. plastic wrappers, tin foil etc. produced


Check out the Green Schools Ireland Website for more information

We are working very hard on reducing the amount of food waste being generated in school and also the use of single use waste i.e. plastic wrappers, tin foil etc. Please support our ‘Naked Lunch’ campaign. Most children will have received a ‘Food Dudes’ lunchbox and are using them to great effect. Now we want to focus on the tin foil, cling film or plastic food bags which are used to wrap sandwiches, wraps, bagels etc. and other lunch items.

As part of the Green Schools Action Plan, our aim is encourage the use of sustainable alternatives to single use plastic such as lunch boxes or paper bags and refrain from using single use items to wrap lunches. In addition to this we would ask you to buy ‘nude foods’ without packaging for lunches from the shops so that no single use plastic touches the food we eat.

Here are some resources you might find useful to use at home too!

Know Your Waste, Control Your Costs Waste Prevention & Recycling Tricks & Tips

Environmental Protection Agency Preventing Food Waste at Home

Eastern-Midlands Waste Region