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Community National Schools (CNS) model was established in 2008 and has been evolving ever since. The current patronage of the Community National School Model is the Minister for Education and Skills. Patronage is planned to be transferred to the Education and Training Boards of Ireland before December 2016. At this time Boards of Management will be established in each Community National School.
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Our schools are democratically accountable, state-supported schools which are underpinned by 4 main cornerstones:

  • Excellence in Education
  • Equality based
  • Community focused
  • Multidenominational

CNS recognise the wishes of parents to have their children receive either religious education or morality based education during the school day. A new, child-centred, multi-belief programme “Goodness Me, Goodness You” has been developed. In liaison with the local faith community, children are nurtured in living to the full in accordance with faith tradition and practices including the celebration of First Communion and Confirmation in the case of Roman Catholics.

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document and any further information on Community National Schools can be found at www.cns.ie

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