Information for Parents

Once your child starts school the first and most important thing you can do to get involved in your child’s learning is to show that you value education. This can be done in a very practical way by ensuring the child attends school regularly and on time. Ensuring your child has the correct equipment and is appropriately dressed shows your child that you value and respect their learning in school.

For any family enrolling their child in our school, the document below will help in preparing them and you for their first day and few weeks in school.

As your child grows talking to them about the world around them will get them interested in nature, animals and other people. Involving your child in your daily tasks such as sorting laundry, setting a table and cooking can set them on a path of discovery in science and maths. In many cases we don’t even realise we are getting involved in their learning by doing this.

We are a community national school and all doors are open. If you require further information on how to help your child with their education, homework or have an issue to discuss, please contact your child’s teacher, Máistir Darragh, or a member of the Parents Association committee.

There are a number of events throughout the school year that you are encouraged to attend and if available, help out at. For information on all events, check the school calendar, keep an eye out for text messages from the school and check the noticeboard in the yard.

Reading with your child

Top Ten Tips for Parents /Guardians


We want to ensure your children become lifelong readers:

1. Read to your child as often as you can
2. Talk about books / characters / plots
3. Enrol your child in the local library
4. Provide a good role model by reading yourself / other family members
5. Keep CD’s of familiar stories to play in the car
6. Vary the type of books read – stories / poems / information
7. Accept your child’s efforts with praise
8. Concentrate on what he /she got right
9. Make reading together enjoyable
10. Take part in school based initiatives like ‘Fun Readers’ and ‘Bedtime Stories’

The National Parents Council for Primary Schools in Ireland have a leaflet with further information on Supporting your child’s learning at home and other information that may benefit you.

Prepare your child for school
This document will help you prepare your son or daughter for school and contains some information relevant to starting school in Ard Rí CNS