Parents Association

The Parents Association held their AGM on 3 October 2018. We had a great turn out for this important evening for our parents and our school. A new committee was elected, and if you have any questions, ideas, fundraising events or can help at any event please feel free to contact us.

The role of the Parent Association is to be the link between school and home for parents and school staff and management. We work with school staff and management and parents to support our childrens learning and to ensure they have the best school education experience. We meet approximatley once a month as a committee and once a quarter as a full parent body. Within the committee we try to represent each class year with the aim of gaining a whole school interaction. If there is anything in particular you would like us to work with you on please get in touch.

You can catch us most of the time in the school yard or email us or on Facebook.

  • Chairperson: Avril Byrne
  • Vice Chair: Darren McManus
  • Secretary: Tara Lynch
  • Treasurer: Ruth Watson

Post Office Savings Scheme

The post office savings scheme runs every Friday (except the last Friday of term)

Post office savings stamps are collected from the Post Office in Johnstown and sold to children in each class who wish to participate. Each ‘Sammy Squirrel’ stamp costs €1 and the children can buy as many as they wish. Their stamps are stuck into their savings card by our volunteers and kept safely in the school each week. Each child will be given a receipt to bring home for parents to keep track of their activity.

Each savings card holds 20 stamps (€20). The card is full once 20 stamps have been collected and the full card is then brought to the Post Office and lodged into the child’s savings account book. If we do not have a deposit account book for the child we send the full card home with the child for the parent to lodge into their account.

We keep all deposit books safely on file in the school for the duration of the school year. All deposit books and any unfinished cards are returned home with the children at the end of each school year. If you require your childs deposit book at any stage you can send a signed letter into us requesting so.

If you would like for your child to participate in this, parents must open an account for their child in the Post Office. Application forms can be gotten from our volunteers or any post office. 

If you have an hour on a Friday morning to help with this please let us know. We work with 6th class children to provide them with real-life experience of active savings.

Parental Support Information

We are information givers and receivers. As part of this function, we have established a monthly newsletter that provides parents with information about school life and events. If you would like to receive this email please send an email to and state your relevant class and teacher. 

We try to proivde information on a range of topics of interest to the majority of the parent body. These include information evenings/workshops/training on subjects such as:

  • Cyber safety
  • Supporting your child’s mental health
  • Transitioning your child to post primary
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Positive Parenting

We have a range of support materials available for parents to access here 



We are working to increase our community connections. If you have any links to the community in Navan please do let us know!